The hilarious part of this is that he will now get bood every time he enters the ACC like every one else, only proving we here in toronto dont understand they way to combat a troll is make them irrelevant. Oh well, they are going to get crushed by the hawks, and the world will be in balance again.
» 4/27/15 3:35pm Today 3:35pm

Funny enough, I happened to study marketing before getting that law degree and I don’t like the Yankees chances of keeping that money from A-Rod without something in their giving them an out. Without having read the contract or specifically anything said by the Yankees (which is a massive caveat, I know) it sounds… » 4/27/15 1:02pm Today 1:02pm

I knew it existed and cared just a teeny bit, though it is primarily because Jeremy Clarkson bought one, and I could never understand why. How could a a man who has driven and owned the absolute greatest the automotive world has to offer spend his own money on this thing that is so obviously terrible.
» 4/27/15 12:28pm Today 12:28pm

It’s semantics. The judge is not suggesting the officer intentionally committed murder, only that he intended the consequences of his actions, which he deemed not criminal. it is pretty obvious he did not want to find this guy guilty of anything. Best case scenario, he is sending the message that you don’t need to be… » 4/20/15 6:05pm 4/20/15 6:05pm

What this really means is those people with the poor foresight of springing for the slightly cheaper, but far less desirable model will face disproportionate depreciation, meaning EVEN cheaper mclarens for the rest of us in a few years time. hooray; cannot wait to pick up my four year old 540c in a 2019 for less than… » 4/20/15 10:36am 4/20/15 10:36am

It's obv June 17. A knows it's June but doesn't know the date. When B confitms he knows the date by learning of As knows he doesn't know it confirms the day (17) is noted in more than one possible month. When that's enough for B, A knows it's June because if t were August B would need more information.… » 4/14/15 6:03pm 4/14/15 6:03pm