I feel so misled! Nintendo, fool me once Shame on you... From here on out I will be careful to only play the realistic games involving Italian plumbers waging war against a mutant tortoise for the affection of a princess and the rule of a kingdom of mushroom people. I can handle a degree of creative license but I draw… » 11/25/14 12:59pm Tuesday 12:59pm

I think the casting is perfect but I am increasingly concerned by this being 4 movies. I appreciate it is a large text, but stretching the the hobbit into 3 movies and mocking Jay into 2 and has shown me this I am typically more of cash grab than a necessary artistic device. What we will get is withe fluff, or… » 11/25/14 8:35am Tuesday 8:35am

So I was strolling along Bay St. yesterday and I got my first glimpse of the new gt3 in person. as it passed, the sound wasnt particularly outlandish or frantic (to be fair he was driving it quite reasonably), but as it proceeded past a shudder ran through the street. I dont know if it the acoustics or what, but I… » 11/25/14 9:04am Tuesday 9:04am

you see a couple of pictures and all of a sudden this car has toppled the M4? that seems a bit hasty. Bmw has been making razor sharp GTs for decades while ford has been ... well, uh, they have been making cars with solid rear axles, thats what. Lets get it on the track before we all start sucking it off. » 11/17/14 6:35pm 11/17/14 6:35pm